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Benefits of an Apartment Holiday in Cyprus

Benefits of an Apartment Holiday in Cyprus

We all know that a good hotel does not come cheap and it not always an option particularly if you have a few children.  There are of course deals that you can get through travel agents and travel companies and there are even hotel complexes with many activities and events to keep the children amused while you are off swimming or sunning yourself.

The question is do you want a holiday where you can go away and just laze in the sun by the pool or do you want a holiday experience where your family is one, responsible for each other and where you all spend time with each other.  A real family experience?  Do you want to cook together, eat together, go on walks or long trips together. Actually take the time to talk to each other without the distraction of family, friends or schoolmates. 

The point is, do you want to spend quality time with the family?  You will say, yes that was the reason we came on holiday in the first place and you might still be able to do these things in a hotel but have you considered self catering accommodation as an option. This sort of holiday means that you actually spend 24 hours a day together but does not necessarily mean that mum has to spend the whole day cooking, you can all chip in and make the breakfast, go out to lunch or diner then have a snack which you can plan and shop together for the other mealtimes. It brings you closer together as a family

When it comes to going out, you can sit and plan things together by searching on the internet to see what there is to see and do in Cyprus. The Cyprus Tourist Organization (CTO) has a great site with lots of information or you can visit any of their offices in all major towns in Cyprus.  I actually have my own website with lots of ideas on Cyprus and what is available  which might help.  You can do your planning before you get here or just go online or visit the information offices of the CTO when you do.

There is a lot to see and do in Cyprus, whatever your hobbies or preferences are, you will more than likely be able to find them on the island.  You can go swimming, diving, riding, bird watching, fishing, cycling, enjoy a game of golf, go on some great nature trails, visit the wineries dotted all over the island, or just explore.  You might want to discover the history or Aphrodite, the archaeology of the country is amazing and as for Geology we can offer a real experience there, in Paphos they have made some very unique discoveries of how the earth evolved. Beautiful Byzantine churches can also be found all over the Island to please the pilgrim, architect or artist.  The options are endless…

There are many different options when considering accommodation in Cyprus and you might well decide that you want to go for something different; the question is do you want to be pampered or do you want a holiday experience. You could go for the option where you spend a few days in different parts of the island but if you can find accommodation that is central to the whole island it's best to stay in one place and just drive round the island.  The distances are so small here that it never takes very long to reach your destination and you could easily do a round trip in a day.

About the author

Christalla Vassiliou owns and runs 4 self catering apartments in her restored traditional and historical farmhouse in southern Cyprus in the village of Kalavassos. Christalla has recently renovated  two apartments close to the beach in Limassol and can now offer a combination holiday at both the beach and in a traditional village. Christalla is passionate about all things Cyprus and provides a flexible and unique holiday package for guests.

Christalla Vassiliou



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