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Company Lets

Company representative/ Head of Human Resources / Relocation or Accommodation department

Are you looking to relocate to Cyprus?

Do you require accommodation for your staff?

We offer company lets in our village house in Kalavasos village just a few minutes from Zigi and our Limassol apartments!

We offer special rates for longer stay or Companies that have staff working at Mari, Zigi, Vasiliko cement works or the Vasiliko, Moni power stations.

Do you need a short or long term let?  Just ask us!

In the last year or so we have seen the growth of more and more new industries in Cyprus and foreign companies seeking to do business with the island of Cyprus!

We have seen a trend of more and more companies seeking accommodation for their staff!

Either for long term or short term lets and of course nowadays you can work from anywhere as long as you have Wi-Fi access.

There is increased demand for our properties as we offer free Wi-Fi access in all apartments and free cleaning.  We also have central heating and A/C so the house is open all year!

With the extensive growth Green Energy projects which are on-going. The redevelopment going of the Vasiliko Power Plant, the development of Gas supplies and building of the New Gas Terminals in the vicinity of Kalavasos and Zigi we would like to introduce ourselves and suggest some accommodation for your consideration.

We offer a great solution for Companies wishing to visit Cyprus for business.  We have

  1. Apartments in Kalavasos village, Larnaca District but nearer Limassol.

We have a large family house with central courtyard which can be let as a 5 bedroom villa or 4 separate apartments so it is ideal for groups travelling on business in Cyprus or private business dealings. It can be let to companies as a whole or in part. 

The house is also ideal entertaining and we can suggest catering if required. http://www.kontoyiannis.com

Special rates for short term or longer stay!  All apartments have Wi-Fi access.



  1. Apartments in Limassol, central location.

We have two three bedroom apartments in the Neapolis Area of Limassol very near the Crown Plaza.  We are located just 3 minutes’ walk from the beach.  Ship Inn and Limassol twin towers area.

Special rates for short term or longer stay!  All apartments have Wi-Fi access.





Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me 25 584 131 (landline) or 99 635 816 (mob)

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