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Cyprus Weather

Cyprus Weather - Cyprus has Sun 11Months of the Year

One reason we as a family moved to Cyprus is that it has sun 11 months of the year!  Cyprus weather is one of the main reasons that makes Cyprus an ideal holiday choice.


The other was that the children could grow up with the freedom of the island and enjoy, sun, sea and clean living. If you get an opportunity to visit Cyprus, just go for it.  Even when it rains the sun comes out afterwards, it's very rare to have miserable days on the island. Holidays in Cyprus are possible all year round and it's a great place for a family holiday as there is something for all ages and tastes.


I was born in England on Christmas day 1954 and remember what it was like before they declared London a smokeless zone.  We used to have fog all the time, the really bad fog was called a pea soup-er because you could not see to walk in front of you.  Traffic would come to a standstill because the cars and buses could not see the road ahead, so if you got on a bus it would take you ages to get anywhere.  Walking was not much fun either.  It was pretty creepy sometimes I can tell you.


When it snowed it was beautiful but when the snow started to melt it would turn a horrible black mushy colour.  Not at all nice and we used to get a lot of ice on our windows in the mornings, I remember mum putting my brother's nappies out to dry and they froze into solid sheets of ice.  We always loved to pick the icicles off the windows in the mornings.


In Cyprus, all the seasons are pleasant.  We usually talk a walk on the beach on Christmas Day; it helps digest the big lunch!  It's always sunny and warm and you can stroll of the beach with a jacket.  It can be said that January is quite miserable but you do get the odd sunny days. Spring comes in February nowadays and the whole island is green. 


To be honest the winter and spring are beautiful in Cyprus and spring is always the best time to visit.  February has been very mild this year with temperatures in the 20's, March is also warm but if you want to be sure of spring then come in April.  There are some beautiful wild flowers growing in and around the villages and suburbs of any town.  Ayia Varvara in Limassol is very well known for its beautiful wild Cyclamen which has recently been declared the national flower of Cyprus.  Cyclamen and Anemones are to be found growing abundantly in fields from February onwards. There are also many wild orchids to be found in Cyprus.


Really the best months for wild flowers are February to April/May.  Then the sun gets hot and you start thinking of swimming.  The Cypriots only really go swimming in late July/August.  They feel that the other months are not so warm.  For the visitor to the island, you can swim from June to late Septembe,r some people will even say that May and November are also warm.  It's just a matter of opinion and what you are used to, the warmest sea temperatures are in July and August but the other months are also fine.  There are quite a few great water parks in Limassol and Paphos with the largest water park in the Mediterranean in Ayia Napa.  Water parks are usually open from June to October.


At the end of August early September we have the Limassol wine festival, which has been in operation for many years now.  It's a great place to go and taste all the different wines that Cyprus has to offer.  They even offer the opportunity to tread grapes which is great fun.


If you are a wine buff you will love to visit the many local wineries which are dotted all over the island.  Many have been handed down from father to son for generations and still use the traditional methods of producing wine.  Grapes are harvested in late September early October and some wineries will let you join in the grape picking.  Grapes are not only used for wine but the making of a local traditional sweet called Soutsouko or Soutjouko.  Speaking of the grapevines, we must always remember to mention vine leaves.  These are used to make the famous stuffed vine leaves (also called koupepia by the Cypriots or dolmades by the Greeks) and are always picked in early spring, when the new leaves appear.  Vine leaves are always best picked young otherwise the dolmades are not very nice.


There are lots to see and do in Cyprus, despite the fact that we have so much sun, we also have skiing in the Troodos Mountains.  It's quite common to go skiing in the day then spend the afternoon or evening by the beach sipping cocktails in the moonlight.


There are camping sites for anyone who enjoys the outdoor life.  There is one in Governors beach in the Limassol district which is also serves as a caravan site and some beautiful ones in the Akamas district near the sea at the Baths of Aphrodite.


For nature lovers Cyprus has many mountain trails ideal for any traveller who likes walking in nature.  Most of these have been designed to all age groups to enjoy so are ideal for family trekking.


All in all Cyprus is a great place to live, work or take a holiday; the island of Aphrodite.  A place where you can enjoy sun, sea and mountains all in the same day!


About the author

Christalla Vassiliou owns and runs 4 self catering apartments in her restored traditional and historical farmhouse in southern Cyprus in the village of Kalavassos. Christalla has recently renovated  two apartments close to the beach in Limassol and can now offer a combination holiday at both the beach and in a traditional village. Christalla is passionate about all things Cyprus and provides a flexible and unique holiday package for guests.

Christalla Vassiliou



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