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Escape a long cold winter - Holiday in Sunny Cyprus

Cyprus weather means that you can enjoy Cyprus in the winter as well as the summer. For the traveller that does not care about spending their holiday swimming, then Cyprus is a great winter holiday island.  The official winter holiday period is from the middle of November till the middle of March but to be honest these months are normally warm with very few days bringing cold or miserable winter weather. Even if it rains, the sun is likely to come out at some point; very few days are grey and dismal, maybe 2-3 during the whole year.

More and more retired people are opting to spend the winter in Cyprus on a long holiday. It's a good way to get to know Cyprus as you can mingle in with the locals and see how they enjoy their island.  Village accommodation is a good option and there are quite a few village houses dotted all over the island willing to take in winter visitors.

Most parts of Europe are very cold and expensive to live in during the winter months.  When you consider the cost of heating bills and those draining aches and pains, the likelihood of catching a nasty cold or flu and the effect the cold weather can have to your health; then its well worth considering the alternative which is a nice holiday in a home from home in very pleasant surroundings discovering how other people live! 

Cyprus is a great option for a winter holidays.  Don't think that there is not much to do here.  Of course we have Golf all year round also winter skiing is available up in the mountains and it's very cheap to have skiing lessons over here.

You can find out how Olives are harvested and see how Olive Oil is produced.  You can also visit the Citrus Groves which are to be found in the villages in the lowlands; these are full of oranges, Tangerines, Clementines, Bergamot, Grapefruit and the huge bread fruit or Thrapos as known by the locals. 

Another great idea would be to visit the wineries dotted around the island, some of which also allow you to join in with the grape picking and see how the wine is produced.  They also offer free samples of their wines along with organised wine tastings.  If you are lucky you can get to see how the local grape producers make the popular Cyprus sweets from pure grape juice, there are a few local festivals that celebrate this. 

We also have some great World Heritage sites which are best visited in the winter months when you are very comfortable walking round during the day and the sun is not blazing down with average temperatures in the 20's and not the 30's or 40's as is normal in the summer.

Cyprus is unique; it has a very rich history and culture and offers a special hospitality that is well known and appreciated worldwide.  The visitor to Cyprus is always impressed by the warmth and hospitality of the people.  Walk into any café and you will find the locals very friendly and accommodating, they will more than likely offer you a coffee or the national drink of Cyprus, Zivania.  They will ask you to join in the national game of backgammon and if you know how to play it, if you do not know how to play it they will most likely teach you how to play it!

Whether you have visited Cyprus before or are just intrigued by the whole idea of a long winter holiday on the island then you will not be disappointed.

About the author

Christalla Vassiliou owns and runs 4 self catering apartments in her restored traditional and historical farmhouse in southern Cyprus in the village of Kalavassos. Christalla has recently renovated  two apartments close to the beach in Limassol and can now offer a combination holiday at both the beach and in a traditional village. Christalla is passionate about all things Cyprus and provides a flexible and unique holiday package for guests.

Christalla Vassiliou



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